Comparison Between Pregnancy Pilates And Pregnancy Yoga

You can understand the importance of an exercise through the fact that such exercises have also been introduced which are meant for the pregnancy period so that women do not have to go nine months without an exercise. Most people have misconception that the only function of an exercise is to get you in good shape but exercise is much more than that. It not only improves your body but also lifts your mood, your attitude and your peace of mind. Many different types of exercise have been introduced among which some are carried out by the use of exercising equipments while others are performed without the use of any apparatus. Pilates and yoga are considered as the most performed exercises. Pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates are the types of yoga and Pilates respectively. We will be discussing about the comparison between pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates in this article.

Pregnancy Pilates:

Pilates is the form of an exercise in which different exercising material equipments are used to carry out this exercise. These exercising equipments might vary from Pilates’ machine to Pilates’ table and from Pilates’ chair to Pilates’ ring. The point of telling you about all these Pilates apparatus is that this exercise cannot be performed without the use of such apparatus. The goal of this exercise is not just to improve your physical strength and stretchability but it also focuses in improving your mental abilities or mental power. Pregnancies Pilates is the kind of Pilates where such exercises are performed by the pregnant women which help them in strengthening their stomach and back muscles. It is very important exercise for pregnant women as it not only helps during the pregnancy period or at the time of delivery but it is beneficial for later on as well.

Pregnancy yoga:

In contrast to Pilates, yoga is the kind of an exercise where there is no use of exercising equipments. The goal of yoga is to bring you the peace of mind and soul along with the build up of good stretchability powers. The activities which are carried out in yoga classes are meditation, breathing exercise and taking different body postures. Pregnancy yoga is the kind of yoga which focuses in improving the peace of mind in pregnant women as it is the quite anxious phase for them. Moreover, it inculcates flexibility in them which helps them during the time of their delivery.


Pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates; both concentrate on improving the flexibility in pregnant women and enhance their mental awareness. Besides these two similarities, there are some differences between them as well. The main distinguishing factor between pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates is that there is no use of exercising equipments in pregnancy yoga classes but in cases of pregnancy Pilates the use of exercising apparatus is an essential requirement. Pregnancy Pilates helps in improving the stomach and back muscles. “Yoganic” offers the best pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates classes. Visit this link for more info on Yoganic.