Different Types Of Bathroom Tiles: Pros And Cons

The tiles can make your bathroom impeccable. But whenever you have to decide on tiles for your bathroom, always do your research. Maybe you like some type of tiles due to their aesthetics but maybe that doesn’t fit your need or budget. Usually, people make this mistake, that they went with their gut-feel or aesthetics while making a decision, which creates more problem for them in future. It is always recommended to research which type of tiles will serve your needs. Also never go for the most expensive or the cheaper one, both can cost you heavily, later on. It is good to take expert advice is also a good move as it will save your time, effort and money. But whenever you got to buy tiles, you must be sure which types of tiles are good for you, you should be knowing their Pros and Cons. This will save you a lot of surprises in future. 

Here, we will be mentioning a few common types of tiles, along with their Pros and Cons. 

Ceramic: The ceramic is undoubtedly the most common type of tiles, to be used for the bathroom. Due to its durability, it is a very good choice for bathrooms. 


They are comparatively cheaper than other types of tiles

Water absorption ratio is very low, which makes them ideal for bathrooms

Durability is the factor which makes them a strong contender among wall tiles in Adelaide

They are non-slippery, which is must for any bathroom tile


As compare to porcelain, the absorption ratio is low, but it is cheaper than porcelain

Vinyl tiles: The vinyl tiles are also a popular choice for the bathroom, as they are easier to install. They are also eco-friendly and can be reused. They are low-cost category even cheaper than ceramic tiles


Cheaper and easier to maintain

Needs less effort and cost in installation



They are not as good looking as other types of tiles like ceramic or porcelain. So, if you are tight on budget or just want to fill your bathroom with tiles, you can select this one.

Marble Tiles: Marble has been in used as best tile suppliers in Semaphore from centuries and it can be said as the best of all


Elegant and beautiful. Hardly any other type can match them in beauty

Natural looks and patterns. Aesthetically gives a strong image


Marble is expensive and if you are ready to spend money on beauty, then you can go for it

It is susceptible to scratches and stains. Needs regular polishing to retain its shine

Granite Tiles: In natural tiles, after the marble, granite is also the popular choice. If you like the natural look in your bathroom, then granite can be your type.


Like marble, granite is also durable and gives natural look to your bathroom

Thick and dense, you don’t have to worry about water and load


Granite has a slippery surface, needs to add the coating to reduce its slipperiness 

Have a high price point and will be expensive to install, too