Different Types Of Boards

To start from the beginning if we talk about the boards on which we write is a good old simple blackboard, which was literally used in all the possible places like, schools, offices, and for sports as well etc. So, with the evolution of other things whether electrical, wooden, metallic and other blackboards also changed, and the new generations were different from the old ones. Later, the younger cousin of the blackboards came into being known as the whiteboard. Then from here, the list goes on. Here are the different types of boards 

  • Blackboard: 

The good old blackboard is, as believed to be the first type of blackboards. These are still in use in many of the places, but, not as much as in the early days. In early days, it was used literally everywhere from school to offices to the restaurant and every possible place.  

  • Whiteboards: 

Whiteboards were invented after the blackboards. Initially, as it was expensive not every other place would use it. Only the places like the office would use it for the presentation and representation. The reason they would be expensive was the use of board markers. The boards markers were expensive, and the continued usage of these markers would add to the bill quite much, but, after the prices eventually came down people turned their heads over the whiteboards. Nowadays, you would find whiteboards everywhere.  

  • Glass magnetic whiteboard: 

The magnetic glass boards are made up of glass that is ten times stronger than the regular glass. It has a white background to make the writing clearly visible. These sure are expensive but, there is a reason why they are expensive.  These boards are made up of glass that means when you clean them there will be no stains left behind on the cork boards in Australia so can have clean and clear board without any stains without working hard. Then they are sleek and stylish, and they increase the overall look of the room and come one, the stained board doesn’t look good in front of the client when you are giving the presentation.  

  • Corkboard: 

Corkboards are used to keep the important papers and notes to stick on them to remember all the important schedules and etc. We use the pins to poke through the paper and the board to stick the paper. These are commonly used in offices, homes, and, school. So, here are few of the different types of boards we have that are very much in use for different purposes. Each type of board has its own pros and cons. For more information, please log on to https://upw.net.au/