In this world of more than 20 million population, every person is different from the other. A family belongs to the same DNA which is given by their ancestors but having different characteristics of traits. These traits are controlled by genes. The traits include tallness, height, eye colour, attached or free earlobe, intelligence, and many more. Genes make the protein. These proteins controlled the many secretions that result in the normal functioning of the body system. 

Our environment also has a greater effect on us. It is often noticed that if the parents are belonging to the upper-class professionals their kids automatically adapt their pattern of talking and try to adapt to the situation as their parents do. It means that the mind is affected by the environment. If a kid got a healthy environment, he can understand things due to his peace of mind. In the same manner, if a kid spends more time out of the house and feels happiness in roaming, these types of kids live in mystery and cannot understand the reality of life. These kids when opening their books, absorb in the pictures and cannot spell the word that is read by him. This neurological type is termed dyslexia. Dyslexia is not a disorder. This is due to the effect on the brain part which can process language. The tutorials, educational aid, and emotional motivations speeches can reduce this effect. Normally, it is common in kids but can be reduced with time. 

The treatment of Dyslexia is under educational psychology. Educational psychology involves the study of human learning. It also involves human cognitive and behavioural responses. This field is related to the test and observation. It observes the many John Ryan psychologist is the biggest personality in this regard. 

To treat Dyslexia, DR. John Ryan psychologist plays an important role. He is an educational psychologist.  

  1. John Ryan psychologist is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPR).
  2. John Ryan psychologist argued that children can learn the task if they are provided with the right environment. First of all, they learned that what is the picture says, then they start to elaborate on the alphabet and then used to sound the alphabet. John Ryan psychologist expertise his Ph.D. research on Dyslexia from which children and adults are equally susceptible. . 

He works as a social worker in Govt. and private school system. 

  • He recommended the following assessment: 
  • A screening test is conducted by children. 
  • Their innate ability assessment either he has potential for hard work or not. It is the key that either a person mat be recovered or not 
  • The assessment of educational abilities is under consideration.