Landscaping Or Gardening? What Is The Difference?

Many in the current society confuse the processes of gardening and landscaping. Although both are mechanisms of enhancing the appearance of places with the use of natural factors such as plants, rocks, and other natural items which thereby promotes the producing and maintaining useful, aesthetically lovely outdoor spaces. They both have definitive differences that need to be known and understood as the line that denotes the two is often unclear and subjective to opinion.

·          Landscaping

The process of designing and the construction of gardens and outdoor areas are done within the process of landscaping.  Here, the visual appearance of the outdoor spaces is changed through the incorporation of botanical elements in amidst other hardscapes, such as different furniture and pathways.

A professional in this provides various services including designing and even architectural work. A landscaper Ascot Vale may work on an expansive variety of projects that are different in type and scales, it may vary from designing and instigating minor work such as a residential yard and may even extend to planning transportation facilities, further work may include resorts and waterfront developments that include beaches and other water sources.It is mostly professionals and landscape architects do this work, however, anyone with a profound interest and the basic knowledge can also do such tasks. With larger-scale projects, landscaping could include the alteration of public gardens and scenic sites or recreational ranges. It is also commonly known that landscaping establishments include gardening facilities. 

·         Gardening

The practice of developing plants in the open or indoors is generally known as gardening. The process of good landscape gardening usually involves both potted and ground-based plants in a certain area and work usually constitutes of growing and caring of the said plants. It would be the gardeners who work in the planting, weeding, and the cultivation of the plants including the harvesting is work that can be done by someone and can range from the tending to a single house plant and extends to the maintenance of entire gardens with a large variety of plants. It is known that professional gardeners might have a degree in either horticulture or botany whilst others hold professional qualifications for the same.

Since the growth and maintenance of the plants are a gardeners’ main concern, activities such as pest control becomes an inbred work requirement. Gardening is an ongoing motion because greens require treatment and specialized care during the course of the year. Gardening also requires knowledge, from experience and education, of several natural processes, including water drainage, soil ecology, plant physiology, climates and pest infestations. Similar to the processes of landscaping, in gardening too, the designing, planning, and maintenance of the area are necessary, but the focus of gardening usually involves only the plants in a particular space.