The Ultimate Party Cleanup Guide

Before you can party hard, you might say party planning is hard. However, with out little course, then congratulations! You are officially a skillful party planner and organizer. Now that is a reason to celebrate, eh?Party preparations are already a hard work on itself. And it sure is great to host one of your own. But right now, we are not here to discuss about how to conduct one. Rather, we are here to talk about an equally important matter for party hosts, the dirty part of it all: the cleanup of the party’s aftermath. Every great party can create a whole lot of mess afterwards. So how do we deal with this as awesome party planners and hosts? We are here to throw in some few suggestions.

Before the party

Prior to the main event, you are going to prepare what are needed for the party. You would have an idea of the things that might be trashed all throughout the time of your lives. Therefore, it is really not a strange idea to prepare some trash bins dedicated for the party litter. You can have as many as you desire and depending on the volume of the people attending. Have one near the bar Prahran especially for cups so that guests would have the idea that there’s a place for their red drinking cups. If you want to, you can include signs that point to the trash, and the comfort room because they might get drunk and have the need to pee… in the toilet. Not anywhere else.

During the party

You might not want to sound a killjoy or a nerd, but if you truly desire order and minimal entropy, especially if you host a party at your own house, we don’t see the harm in asking for a little help from your guests to be responsible with the place as well. Yeah, it is good to have fun and go wild, however, there must still be respect for everyone. No puffing out the cigarettes on everywhere but the ash tray. No puking out the carpets (or have a small basin prepared just in case). Literally no breaking of anything, and it does not take more than a common sense to understand why. Setting out some few pointers, and reminders, not rules, must be in order and everyone should be aware.

After the party

So there is a high chance that you may be exhausted immediately after the party, that you won’t have the strength yet to do some cleaning. However, putting away some clutter on your way to bed (or home if it is not your place) would kind of lighten the load for you. The most common litter you would see are plastic cups, and they are pretty easy to dispose. Then get some rest.

Actual cleanup

If you have followed our above suggestions before and during your party, there may be a few of the mess from the party’s aftermath. Basic cleaning 101 is to start from an area that is the dirtiest and most messy, and in many cases, the kitchen.

Just book it

However, for function venues after the party you may not have to worry about any cleanup at all because they have their own staff to do that, which makes us think that it is really a good idea to rent other places for your parties.So you can’t prevent not having any sort of some mess in a party, but you can always mitigate them with these few simple steps. However, if you don’t want that, just party somewhere else and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up during a terrible hungover. Visit this link for more info on function venues Chapel Street.