What Are The Pros And Cons Of Bamboo Flooring?

If you are thinking about the flooring at your house and you are not aware of the types of flooring, this article will talk about bamboo flooring in Liverpool and how it has some advantages and disadvantages over the other materials used in flooring. After going through this article it would be fairly easy for you to decide which flooring you would want to go with for that matter.

Starting with the pros of bamboo flooring, here are some:


This type of flooring is rather versatile, which means that it can be installed at any of the floors at your house, in any room regardless. Bamboo flooring can be used in any of the rooms because of the fact that it has a property of being stable, which means that it can stay right in a place with fluctuating temperatures as well.

Eco friendly

Bamboo flooring has a ecofriendly property which means that it is a fast growing grass that reaches to the level of maturity rather faster than other hardwood trees. This is the reason for it being cheaper than the other types. It is durable and reliable too, and is found in different varieties all over the world.

Now coming to the cons of bamboo flooring:

Not water proof

Bamboo flooring is water resistant but not water proof, this is an indication that one shall not use it in washrooms or kitchens, or any place that has a chance of having water spilled on the floor quite often for that matter. bamboo has properties of soaking up water and then going bad, and so it is better that you keep the surface completely dry where you want it to be installed, you should make sure that there is no water or any kind of liquid spills before the installation of bamboo flooring

Dents and wear and tear

Although bamboo flooring is considered to be indestructible, but that is only if you take care of the floor very nicely. However, if you do not do that and drag heavy materials from one place to the other, there is always a chance that you would cause the floor to have scratches and dents and it would pose a need to be replaced as soon as possible. That is high maintenance for you and your family. However, if you pick up heavy items, move them and keep them down gently, everything related to the wear and tear can be avoided quite easily, but that is a hassle in itself as well. So really it depends upon how people choose to use the floor at their house. Go right here to find out more details.